Gal Gadot’s Intrigue Over Gisele’s Unexpected Comeback in ‘Fast X’

Gal Gadot, the actress who played Gisele in the “Fast Furious” franchise, shared with EW that the series was her first movie and expressed gratitude for being given the opportunity. However, even she has questions about how her character came back from the dead in the latest installment, “Fast X,” as the franchise has a history of bringing characters back to life. Fans were left without any explanation as to how Gisele is alive and well, and why she hasn’t been in contact with the rest of the Fast family. Gadot herself has yet to learn the story, stating that she will have to wait for the script just like everyone else.

She’s keeping quiet about how she made her return in the Fast franchise for that brief scene at the end of Fast X. “I can’t spill the beans on that one,” she says with a chuckle. “You’ll have to keep me on speed dial! But it’s been an amazing experience. Fast Furious in 2009 was my debut film, and they were the first ones who really gave me a chance in the American market and believed in me. I’ll always be grateful for that.” There are several more Fast Furious movies in development after Fast X, but Gadot’s next appearance will be in Heart of Stone, which premieres on Netflix on August 11.

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